Do you ever feel frustrated that your communication isn’t working?

Would you love an empowered, happy and motivated team, prioritising the important things? 

Would you like to know how to have difficult conversations easily?

This is my signature programme!
I’ve been delivering training workshops for 25 years and discovered that the skill gaps keep coming back to the same 5 key challenges. The techniques that address these issues are the ‘aha’ moments that make a difference. They’ve been described as ‘life-changing’, ‘the things that should be taught at school’, ‘the skills required to succeed in any role’.

Let’s embed the 5 Habits in your business.

A series of bitesize training workshops covering the key skills required for your team to create a happy and successful workplace.
Available as a group session (for up to 10 delegates) or on a 1-1 basis and can be delivered online or face-to-face on your premises.

Communicate with Impact

Words are powerful! Positive language can literally change your brain! Using positive words strengthen areas of the brain’s frontal lobes, and promote cognitive function. In Scotland we have a habit of using negative language patterns; however, using positive language not only helps you to influence others, it can make you feel great – physically, mentally and emotionally. Imagine a world where you are ‘heard’.

Positive You, Positive Workplace

Negative thinking can happen to anyone. Having a useful technique for dealing with it can ward off anxiety and stress and turn thinking into something useful, productive, and effective. Negativity at work is highly contagious and can spread quickly if it remains unchecked. It drains energy and diverts attention from work and performance.

Play your part in creating a positive workplace by learning how to confront negative behaviour head-on and turn it around.

Prioritise the Important Stuff

Time management is a straightforward concept, but it’s surprisingly hard to do in practice. Most people are busy; however, they are not necessarily accomplishing anything meaningful or contributing to strategic priorities. To reach your goals and achieve success, you must focus effort on your priorities, those things that are genuinely impactful and important.

Focus on Strengths

Complimenting someone’s performance helps their brain remember the behaviour better. Recognition boosts serotonin, which increases self-esteem, confidence, engagement and loyalty. People who receive positive feedback feel valued, appreciated and happy. Happier employees make everyone around them feel better, too. Also, if you are known to recognise those around you, you are likely to receive recognition back – a lovely virtuous cycle.

Difficult Conversations

It is common to dread the difficult, challenging conversation. Maybe you have to deliver unpleasant news, discuss a delicate subject, or talk about something that has gone wrong. It is common to avoid awkward conversations because we feel we might make matters worse – and the situation builds. Understanding the simple technique for having a difficult conversation in a manner that cannot possibly upset the other party is a skill that should be taught in school. It is particularly helpful when organisations are going through change and establishing new ways of working.

Fabulous feedback

Julie is an energetic trainer who uses her extensive expertise and positivity to engage her audience and spur them to action. She is highly focused on teaching people to create habits that increase their happiness and build success. I highly recommend her as a trustworthy and capable training consultant.

Naomi Glover

Applied Neuroscience Association 

Julie is amazing. She has a such a warm and approachable manner. She has helped me to trust my instincts, focus on what I want and step into my true value. Her energy and positivity are infectious and I always know I can rely on her to point me in the right direction when I feel stuck. She is a wonderful trainer and if you are looking to re-energise your team get in touch with Julie today, you won’t be disappointed.

Gail Logan

Kore Transformation

Julie is a first class trainer and has such a varied range of skills and capabilites. Julie has delivered many personal development course and Microsoft couses all done with great professional and fantastic results with very high customer satisfactoin rate. Julie is always on time fully prepared and ready to deliver any subject she is asked to do with the expert and detailed knowledge of that subject. Julie has great interpersonal skills and gets along with everyone she meets.

Caroline Meikle

Pitman Training