Hi, I’m Julie

And I am obsessed with happiness.

I am a business psychologist with 25 years experience of working with small companies, just like yours, to create even better places to work.

When your team are happy, they are; more creative, more productive, more loyal, learn faster, promote your business to others, make better decisions, are a pleasure to manage and happiness is contagious – it will reflect right back to you as a leader. Sounds good, right?

I can help you to develop a roadmap for business success, revisit your strategy and vision, create a positive culture where your team feel valued and appreciated, overcome recruitment challenges by standing out in a crowded market, micro-business marketing strategies, mentoring for new managers and leaders and can deliver almost every type of training you may need.

Are you ready to boost the happiness in your business? 

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This is me with my childhood bestie. I am the one in the fabulous flowery trousers (that my Mum made for me).

I am not sure how old I was when I worked it out. I may have even been in my teens before I realised that my mum suffered from mental health issues. There may have been a bit of denial before I acknowledged it. Mental health was a big taboo back then, and I wasn’t sure how to help. 

I don’t want to wallow in sad memories, but I do vividly remember the day I discovered that depression could be hereditary. I remember deciding that I would do everything I could to protect my mental health and live a happy life.

It was probably quite good timing because I was at that challenging point in teenage life where you need to start making career decisions. I didn’t have a clear plan, but I decided that I would go to University to study Psychology, with the sole purpose of formulating a plan to ensure I lived a happy life. My Mum died just before I started University, which made me even more determined to pursue happiness.

After a 4 year undergrad, I progressed to an MSc in Occupational Psychology and then arrived on the job market keen to find a ‘happy’ job. Maybe I was a little naive, and maybe I have my sights set on a higher level of happiness than most people, my first proper jobs in retail management and financial advice were fine, but didn’t give me the happiness I was seeking. Nothing wrong with the jobs, they just didn’t provide what I was looking for.

Fast forward another couple of organisations and I was lucky enough to secure a job as a Training Consultant in one company where everything just worked. The communication was brilliant, I was totally clear on my role in helping to drive the company forward, I received training that greatly enhanced my personal skills, I felt valued and my colleagues loved being at work. It was brilliant! I was never going to leave… until the department I worked in was TUPE transferred to a different company, with a very different culture.

Again, nothing wrong with the company, but they didn’t have workplace happiness as a top priority. So I decided to draw on my previous experience and develop training for workplace happiness (which links nicely to financial success, so a pretty easy sell).

The leadership team were interested, however, they were under pressure with other competing priorities, so I found myself spending most of my time on compliance and procedural training. It just wasn’t making me happy. I decided it was time to leave and set up my own business where I could best use my workplace happiness training.

The workshop I offered in 2007 was very different to the one I deliver now. Over the past 12 years, I have repeatedly engaged with clients to discover what differentiates an employer as a ‘great place to work’ and nowadays I spend my time helping workplaces to become even better places to work – and what a happy job that is!

I know that when you walk into work in the morning and immediately feel uplifted, suddenly everything about your business becomes easier.

And I always have a happy side hustle on the go – I have learned how to monetise what I love doing in my spare time – I have developed a programme to teach people how to do that too.

I really believe that I am changing the world, one business at a time.

I’ve made desire for happiness my life’s project.

It’s always a work in progress of course.

In times of stress, we can all slip. But the power is in recognising a lower mood and taking steps to get back into an upward spiral.

I believe that your parents show you ‘how to be’ and ‘how not to be’. I know if my Mum had been able to choose happiness, she would have. We all would. It is what every human being wants – and yet not all workplaces are focusing on happiness, yet…

I want to change that.