Could your team use a little support to develop their interpersonal skills?

For example, could they be even better at having difficult conversations, public speaking, training others or making the team feel valued?

Let’s help your team to shine.

A series of bitesize training workshops covering the range of people skills, personality skills and communication abilities your team need for the long-term success of your business.
Available as group sessions or on a 1-1 basis and can be delivered online or face-to-face on your premises.

Below is a selection of topics available, but with 25 years of training experience, I can help with most training needs.

Communication and Influencing

Words are powerful! Positive language can change your working relationships! Imagine a world where you make people around you feel ‘heard’ and you understand how to influence key stakeholders at work.

Interviewing Skills

Learn how to develop a competency-based interview strategy that ensures the people you select fit with your culture and contribute to your happy workplace. Discover how to devise competency-based fact-finding questions, prepare for interviews, structure, evaluate and follow-up.

Personality Profiling

A facilitated session to help team members to develop greater self-awareness and provide insights that help strengthen relationships. The results enhance understanding of personal communication and also the preferences of colleagues.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to communicate messages to your audience – facts, insights, information and updates etc. in an engaging manner. 
Studies of engaging presenters, those deemed to have charisma, show they share a series of traits. These aren’t things you are born with, they can be learned and this workshop teaches you the tools.

Train the Trainer

There is a science to training design and delivery. There are four different learning styles and if you do not take these preferences into account when you are designing a course, you will quickly lose the room. Discover the formulas for success when designing and delivering training.